The objective of Simplex Filler Company has been to provide our customers with highly dependable production machines which handle a wide range of products, and provide with years of reliable service. Our company standard, QUALITY HAS A MEMORY, evolved from the determination that old world craftsmanship and modern proven technology can be merged to create the finest machine possible for our customers.

Simplex specializes in building customer-specific machines. Volumetric or pressure liquid filling machines designed around the customers' products and containers. Versatile in filling many different products on one machine without the extra expense of numerous change parts or long setup times.

Simplex machines are heavy duty, quality built production machines made to operate around the clock for years! Simplex pays attention to the details, evident by the quality of our final product. Configurations for nearly every liquid product: from water to tar. Built in Napa, California, Simplex machinery is an outstanding example of:

Volumetric Piston Fillers
One of the fastest, most accurate and mechanically repeatable filling methods in the market place. The volume is accurate to, plus or minus one half of one percent by volume.

Pressure Liquid Fillers
Precision engineered to handle a wide variety of liquid products. Their unique design permits quick change-over from one container size to another.

Simple and easy to use. Handles a wide variety of containers. These variable speed machines are compact and durable.

Unscramblers Tables
Quickly and easily adjusted, these tables can handle a wide variety of containers.

Accumulator Tables
Quickly and easily adjusted, these tables can handle a wide variety of containers.

Lid Droppers
Provides fast, efficient lid placing of standard paint can plugs from quarter pint through gallon sizes.

Pressure Closers
For paint can plugs

V-400 is an accurate, automatic, filling machine which includes our Flex-Fill System. The V-400 is designed to merge with almost any automated conveyor system. Quickly and easily cleaned, the V-400 is also very reliable, and extremely powerful. This Four Head Volumetric Piston Filling machine is durable, economical, and versatile, especially with our new PLS Control System which allows multi-speed contour filling and operator adjustable programming. All contact points are constructed of USDA approved materials, making it useful for many applications.