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Due  to the COVID -19 pandemic Napa County  has issued a “shelter-in-place order” for non-essential businesses. The Simplex Filler office and production facility will be closed as of Friday, March 20th through Tuesday, April 7th.  Simplex office personnel have access to email and will be responding to your inquires. 

Please stay safe during this unprecedented time.

El condado de Napa (California) emitió una orden de permanecer en el hogar a causa de la pandemia COVID-19.

Por consecuencia, desde el 20 de marzo hasta el 7 de abril (incluso) la oficina de Simplex Filler y su fábrica estarán cerrados. Sin embargo, miembros de nuestro personal administrativo tienen acceso a sus correos electrónicos y trataremos de responderles lo antes posible.

Mientras tanto, por favor cuídense durante este tiempo sin precedentes.

Simplex Filler Company manufactures high-quality production volumetric liquid filling machines that handle a wide range of liquid products. Our company standard “Quality has a Memory” evolved from the determination that old world craftsmanship and modern proven technology can be merged to create the finest machine possible for our customers.

We Work With Many Industries

Liquid filling falls across all industries whether it is cosmetic and personal care to food and beverage or household and chemical. Simplex Filler volumetric piston fillers are designed to handle a wide variety of liquid products with viscosities ranging from easy-flowing liquids to a tar-like consistency. We are happy to evaluate your product and containers to determine which Simplex liquid filler will be the best fit for your application.


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