“Simplex Fillers are so easy to use and so economical to operate because the design is so simple, but they are also incredibly strong and versatile. They adapted perfectly to the production line we already had in place and they were able to fill all three types of containers we use with little downtime and without tools. The technical support we received from Simplex application engineers who designed our layout was also excellent. As you can see from our production figures, both Simplex fillers have paid for themselves many times over.”
— Carlos Gonzales, General Manager, FAMESA

“As a co-packer, we have to be very flexible. Downtime is a significant issue for us, so ease of change-over is critical. The nice thing about the Simplex machine is its flexibility. This filler can handle a wide range of products.”
— Gregory D. Hall, Assistant Manager, Wing Nien Foods

“I have an old Simplex (F.L. Burt) table-top filler that is forty years old that is still in use today and it works just as well as the “new” models out there! Glad to see you are still in business!!!”
— Rene Le Blanc, Plant Manager, Colorful Products Corp.

“My Simplex AS-1 has been so reliable that it has outlived some of our own products.”
— J. Scott Kinney, V.P./General Manager, Colony South Corporation