Why Choose Simplex Fillers?

The objective of Simplex Filler Company has been to provide our customers with highly dependable production machines which handle a wide range of liquid products and provide years of reliable service.

For over fifty years, Simplex Filler Company has been designing and manufacturing filling equipment to handle liquid products from water thin to highly viscous for our clients worldwide.  With only six product contact parts, our in-line Volumetric Piston Fillers combine speed and accuracy with quick change-over and cleaning to meet the ever-increasing demand in the industry for quality control and reduced downtime. We specialize in building customer-specific machines, without the extra expense of numerous change-parts or long setup time, which are required on most rotary machines.

Our machines are heavy-duty, quality-built production machines made to operate around the clock for years! Simplex pays attention to the details, evident by the quality of our final product. We can configure for nearly every liquid product: from water to tar.

Simplex offers machines from our table-top, semi-automatic, single-head piston filler to a fully automatic, twelve-head, in-line piston filler. Our machines are designed around the customer’s containers and products to provide a machine that will be capable of meeting all of their requirements for a liquid filling machine.

The Simplex line includes volumetric piston fillers, pressure fillers, conveyors, unscrambler tables, accumulator tables, lid droppers, and pressure closers for paint cans from ¼ pint to 5 gallons.

Simplex machines have many useful features:

  • Quickly adapt to various container sizes and shapes
  • Controls fill volume filled accurately +\- ½% for volume filled
  • Many types of drip-free spouts for no-mess filling
  • Plunging spouts for bottom-up or in-the-bottle filling
  • Adjustable container holding device
  • Drip trays, neck grippers, and many other options
  • All stainless steel options

Our current Simplex staff has over 20 years experience in liquid filling, so feel free to contact us to discuss your filling application. If you are just starting out or expanding your current production needs, Simplex can help determine which machine is right for your business.

Built in Napa, California, Simplex machinery is an outstanding example of Built in the USA!