Guide to Machine Features & Characteristics


Electric VS. Pneumatic

Liquid Volumetric Fillers are one of the most accurate filling systems available today. The product is drawn by gravity suction into a product cylinder, where the measurement occurs, then is dispensed through a three-way valve out into the customer’s container. This system is very accurate and repeatable. The Simplex design will handle water to tar flowable products and allows up to 1 inch diameter particulates, in a single cycle without crushing the particulate.

We offer two types of volumetric machines: the Cam Action/Electric piston filler and our Pneumatic/Air Driven piston filler. Our machinery independently controls the precise flow-rate during the filling and recharging cycle. Both versions are controlled by Siemens Logo Programming but there is really only one major difference between the machines operationally.

The difference is that the Cam Action /Electric machine can be setup to change speeds during either the fill stroke or the return stroke. For example, the Cam Action/ Electric version you may fill slow/fast/slow or fast with a slow top off speed or have a set indexing speed for the containers with a variable fill speed. This program is best designed for products that are delicate, splashy or foamy and/or have the long neck bottles like hot sauce style bottles, liquor style bottle or olive oil style bottles.

The Pneumatic/Air Driven fillers are adjustable on the fill and return strokes independently but will not change speeds during the actual filling cycle. The Pneumatic Series machine uses approximately 6-8 cfm @ 80 psi of compressed air and requires less moving parts than the Electric Series machine. This machine can either be dependent or independent to an outside control source or signal.

The Pneumatic/Air Driven filler is very good for most liquid products, products with particulates or  chunks, but especially high viscosity products with straightforward containers. Also for explosion proof environments and situations like form, fill and seal machines where the container must be in control when the filling cycles begin.



The Simplex table-top series machines refer to the Simplex volumetric filling line of machines that can be placed on top of a counter, table or utility cart. They operate under a semi-automatic mode, which means they require an operator to place the container under the spout to fill the product. They can be set to a comfortable fill speed or you can activate the fill cycle with a footswitch. These machines are perfect for businesses that want to move up from hand filling or expanding to new products in a R&D lab or filling multiple products with small runs.  The different applications are endless.

Simplex table-top series machines come in two styles, electric and pneumatic.



Simplex Pressure Fillers are precision engineered to handle a wide variety of water-thin to semi-viscous liquid products with no patriculates. Multiple industries can benefit from Simplex pressure fillers; from food products, household products, automotive products to chemicals products. Simplex Filler offers In-Case and In-Line models. These unique designs along with with no special tools required allows quick change-over from one container size to another.



Simplex offers a wide variety of container handling equipment to provide an automated system. We offer conveyors, unscrambler tables and accumulator tables in a variety of sizes to complete your line.

Simplex also offers specialty accessory equipment for the paint industry in handling can lidding and closing – the High Speed Lid Dropper and/or the Lid Closer.




Simplex Filler Basics video to help determine which machine is right for your application