Pressure Fillers

Simplex Pressure Fillers are precision engineered to handle a wide variety of water-thin to semi-viscous liquid products. Multiple industries can benefit from Simplex pressure fillers; from food products, household products, automotive products to chemicals products. Simplex Filler offers In-Case and In-Line models. These unique designs along with with no special tools required allows quick change-over from one container size to another.


The principle of operation is very simple. These machines fill under pressure in a closed loop system into the container. When containers are positioned under the filling spouts and the machine is signaled to start filling, the air actuated head lowers and the spouts enter the containers. The product overflows then sucks back down to a level set by the operator. A seal is formed at the opening of the container allowing the spring loaded spouts to open and the product supply pump to deliver product to the container. When the containers have been filled to the level where the spout tip is located, the product begins to overflow through outer tubes in the spout back to the filler supply tank. Through the air logic timing or Simen’s Logic controls on the machine, the product supply pump then shuts down, the product siphons off to the level in the container where the spout tip is located and the spouts then raise out of the container.

Pressure Filler Options:

  • Vacuum Suck Back is available for an absolutely no-drip filling option.
  • The Foam Transfer System can be provided to effectively fill products that foam.
  • Wash Cycle allows circulation of cleaning solution to product contact parts.
  • Special tools are not required for changer over.

Simplex has staff with 20 years experience in liquid filling. We are ready to help you develop the proper equipment to meet your production needs.


Simplex Pressure Fillers