Volumetric Fillers

Volumetric filling refers to filling by a volume vs. filling to a weight or a level.

A liquid volumetric piston filler is one of the most accurate filling systems available today. The liquid product is drawn by gravity suction into a product cylinder and piston, where the exact measurement occurs, then is dispensed through a three-way valve out into the customer’s container. This system is repeatable and very accurate by +/- 1/2%. The Simplex design will handle water to tar flowable products, as well as, liquid products that include up to 1 inch diameter particulates. With our 3-way valve design, the piston filler can fill a single cycle without crushing the particulate.

Simplex offers two types of volumetric fillers: an electric version and a pneumatic version. The V-Series and the MT-Series are cam action/electric driven, which is perfect for delicate, foamy products or product that require some finesse, as well as products with a distinct container or bottle design. The AV, AAS Series, and the AMT Series are air-driven, which is good a fit for most products, especially those with a higher viscosity with simple straightforward bottles or containers.

If you are just starting out or expanding your current production needs, Simplex can help you determine which machine is right for your business. We offer volumetric fillers from a single head (fills one container at a time) up to 12 heads (fills 12 containers at a time). Depending on your product, your containers, and your desired CPM (Containers Per Minute) we can help determine which machine will be ideal for your filling application.

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Table-Top Volumetric Fillers

Fully-Automated Volumetric