Electric Series

Simplex Filler offers electric, cam-action volumetric piston fillers. The product is drawn by gravity suction into a product cylinder where the measurement occurs, then is dispensed through a three-way valve out into a container.

The Electric Series machines can control and vary the flow rate precisely during the filling cycle. For example, the electric cam action machine will allow you to fill slow/fast/slow or fast with a slow top off speed or have a set indexing speed for the containers with a variable fill speed. The cam action varies the torque while pushing and pulling the product through the machine. This system provides for a gentle transition between the discharge and recharging of the machine, which is ideal for delicate, foamy products or products that require fitness in the filling process. Containers with special shapes may also determine whether an electric filler is a better option for your needs. For example, hot sauce-style bottles, alcoholic beverage-style bottles, and curvy bottles require special programming to adapt to the contour of the container without splashing or disturbing the product.


Electric Volumetric Piston Fillers