Pneumatic Series

The Pneumatic Series machines are air-driven. The air machine is adjustable on the fill and return strokes independently but will not change speeds during the actual filling cycle. The Pneumatic Series machine uses approximately 6-8 CFM @ 80 PSI of compressed air and requires less moving parts than the Electric Series machine.

This is very good for high viscosity products, explosion proof environments, and situations like form, fill and seal machines where the container must be in control, or when the filling cycles begin. This machine can either be dependent or independent to an outside control source or signal.

Products with particulates, Chunky products, products that require a little more muscle and/or straight forward containers are ideal for the air driven machines. We offer models that specialize in small fills, large fills and machines that fill everything in between. The pneumatic series is very popular co-packers who fill an unlimited combination of products for their clients.


Pneumatic Fillers